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Weekend Show, 25 May 2008

The May Weekend spot looked at making telephone calls using Voice over IP. VoIP is a great idea and can save you money but there are a few traps to watch.

When choosing a VoIP provider you need to look at what their plans offer. Some will give cheap local calls, others will give cheap international calls. Before entering into a plan, make sure it meets your needs.

We've put together a page explaining VoIP and what you should look for.

One of the biggest traps is choosing the wrong Internet provider. Voice over IP requires a good quality and reliable connection. So it's important to get your ISP right and we show what to look for on our Choosing an ISP page.

Listeners questions

As usual we had plenty of callers. If you missed out asking a question about a computer problem, you still can at our IT Queries website.

Poor office VoIP

A good example of not choosing the right Internet connection was John's office. John asked why his office connection was so bad.

The reason for this is almost certainly because the office Internet connection is inadequate for the task. It's important to choose an Internet connection with the right speed and capacity.

All too often we find businesses try to struggle along on a domestic connection that simply doesn't cut it, put Voice over IP into the mix and the problems soon become apparent.

VoIP on satellite

Ryan asked about using Voice over IP on his farm using a generator and a satellite connection.

The inverter with a generator shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure the equipment is protected by a UPS.

The bigger problem is the satellite connection. Satellite Internet has a long latency, the time to get a reply from the other end. As a consequence the performance of VoIP may be pretty poor.

We'd suggest taking up a plan with a 30 day money back guarantee and seeing how well it works.

Computer rebooting

Alan asked about his computer rebooting. This has started after he had his graphics card and memory upgraded.

This almost certainly indicates a problem with the upgrade, it could be something as simple as a part not properly plugged in.

Generally though, this sort of problem is often due to overheating. It's worthwhile getting your computer tech to clean out your computer on a regular basis.

Upcoming shows

Our apologies to callers we couldn't get to, if you'd still like to ask a question visit our IT Queries website. The next ABC 702 Weekend spot will be on June 29 at 10am.



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