The End of Windows 98

Tips & Hints

Posted 2 February 2006


It’s been a long time coming, but Windows 98 is finally beginning to die. Microsoft have reduced it to “extended” support and will be stopping all 98 and ME support by mid year. Internet providers are ceasing to support it and it's becoming more difficult to find hardware or software that will run on it. We're finding repairing Windows 98 and ME computers is becoming very difficult so we too are considering ceasing support.


Home users who use their PCs for basic functions such as word processing, email and little web surfing should be fine if they keep their system maintained and protected from viruses and spyware, although it will get harder finding software to help you. Those who do anything more than the basics will will be increasingly frustrated with 98 and ME. Should one of these computers need any major service or part replacement, then it's time to buy a new computer.


If you are a business you have no excuse running 98 and ME, your computers have been fully written off giving you the privilege of free systems for the past few years. It's time to bite the bullet and invest some money in your computer systems by upgrading to newer equipment, you will find the newer systems improve your productivity. The improved speed and stability of Windows XP over 98 and ME cannot be overstated.


Computer systems are cheaper than ever, the new machine you'll buy will be half the price of the old system with many times the power. If you do decide to update your systems, make sure you have a minimum of 512Mb of RAM and get a three year warranty. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish, make sure you shop around and buy the system that suits your needs, not the cheapest one you see.
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