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Weekend Show, 13 April 2008

For the April Weekend spot we had a look at the Powerhouse Museum's Email Australia project and how important email is to many people's lives.

Simon pointed out the idea email would kill letter writing has been proved very wrong. Today we probably write more than ever. This is why it's so important to protect your email records.

Another problem is much of what we write is stored on formats that may not be readable in a decade's time. This is why saving to external hard drives or CD is so critical to recording critical data.

Protecting email records is one of the concerns of the Powerhouse Museum and a driving force behind the Email Australia project. If you'd like to contribute, Email Australia is open to submissions until May 18.

Listeners questions

As usual we had plenty of callers. If you missed out asking a question about a computer problem, you still can at our IT Queries website.

User profiles

Denise's son had set up user profiles for himself and the family, giving himself Administrator rights. Denise wanted to know how to get rid of these profiles.

We'd recommend keeping them. Profiles are a very handy way of protecting your computer and data. By giving each user their own profile, they have their own settings and data stores and so can't mess up anyone else's.

Another important aspect of using profiles is they can be set to Limited User restrictions which means Windows computers are far less prone to becoming infected on the Internet. We've instructions on how to set up Limited User profiles on another page.

If you do this, it is essential you set up an Administrator account with a password that the rest of the household doesn't know and can't easily guess. You'll need the Administrator password whenever you install new software or change settings.

Copying emails

Peter asked about copying emails from his old Mac Cube to his new computer. The Thunderbird website has instructions on transferring data to new computers. To find the mail store use command-F and search for inbox.

PCs versus Macs

Ross bravely raiser the religious issue of the merits of Windows versus Apple Macs. We've covered this previously on the website.

The basic advice though is to buy what you, your colleagues and your friends are used to and comfortable with.

If you are switching between systems be aware there is a learning curve. However that process is not as big as it was in times past.

Upcoming shows

Our apologies to callers we couldn't get to, if you'd still like to ask a question visit our IT Queries website. The next ABC 702 Weekend spot will be on May 25 at 10am.



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