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Posted 12 September 2007

Weekend Show, September 2007

Our September weekend spot revisited the Mac versus PC debate. The new Apple Macs are offer some very good value for money, with spyware and viruses still being a curse for Windows users, this is a good time to look at the alternative. We also got through a few callers.

Network printing on a Mac

Judy called about sharing her Canon printer between a Windows and Mac computer. Macs these generally play quite well on Windows networks and sharing printers is fairly easy as described on the Apple website. If you hit problems, Apple also have some troubleshooting tips.

Dramm Timing error

Milo called about an error message when his computer starts; "DRAMM Timing Error". This is to do with the memory and either a memory module has a problem or there is a BIOS problem on the motherboard. Fixing this problem requires the services of a computer tech as playing with the BIOS or motherboard is not recommended for inexperienced users.

Long time to shut down

Robert's finding his computer is slow shutting down. Slow shutdowns indicate a problem with software tidying itself up. We'd suggest uninstalling all unnecessary software and checking error logs for any problems during the shutdown.

Long time to boot up

Ian called with exactly the opposite problem; his Windows computer was too slow starting up. Much of the advice is same as the preivous advice. We'd also suggest downloading and running the excellent Cleanup! Utility

One serious problem that can cause slow boot ups is hard drive damage. We recommend you always back up your data for this reason. Once you have backed up all your important information, you should run the chkdsk command to test your hard drive.

Switching MYOB between Mac and Windows computers

Margaret has made the switch to Mac and was wondering if she could copy her MYOB data between platforms. The simple answer is "yes", just use the backup and restore tools. MYOB have details on their website.

Upgrading Operating Systems

To finish on our Mac theme, Ben called about an old Mac he's inherited that runs OS9 but has a disk to upgrade to OSX. He wanted to know if it was worthwhile upgrading.

Our view is a resounding "NO". If your computer is doing everything you want then upgrading the operating system is a recipe for despair and heartbreak. This applies to Windows computers as much as Macs.

Upcoming shows

Our apologies to callers we couldn't get to. The next Weekend show is scheduled for October 28. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter.
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