ABC Tower   Weekend Show, 29 October 2006

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Posted 30 October 2006

Our October show was hosted by Ian Rogerson as Simon tried to go on a harbour cruise. Because it was such a busy show we didn't get to spend time on what we'd like to have discussed.

Our main topic was the first fines issued under the Spam Act. The first conviction for spamming sends a loud message to those who want to market this way. Unfortunately it's going to do little to reduce the tidal wave into our inbox given much of it is generated by infected computers and comes from overseas.

Our other topic was Sydney bloggers which we didn't get time to do justice to so we will revisit on another show. Our two favourites are Grab Your Fork and Man of Lettuce. We'd love to hear what you recommend.

Synchronising data

Martin asked about synchronising data between desktop and laptop computer. Keeping your data in synch is always a problem when you have two computers. We use and recommend Microsoft's free Synctoy program to do this job.

Bigpond drop outs

Bigpond cable is always problematic with their proprietory login and heartbeat programs. Tony was finding his router was disconnecting. Strangely enough, it didn't happen while he was away.

In almost all these cases, the cable login program is the villain. The first thing to check is that the client isn't running on the system, if it is change the Advanced options it does not login automatically. Ozcableguy has some excellent information on Bigpond login problems.

Firewall Problems

Michael called in because he couldn't start his Windows Firewall. There are a number of possible reasons for this. It could be another firewall is already installed or there could be a spyware infection. Microsoft have a number of solutions on their website.

Upcoming shows

The next weekend show is scheduled for December 3. We will confirm this, and the topic, closer to the date. If you’d like to be kept informed of the constantly ever-changing Weekend schedule, subscribe to our newsletter.
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