ABC Tower   Weekend Show, 25 June 2006

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Posted 27 June 2006

An entertaining June spot saw us talking about getting intimate with your computer, web filtering and exploding laptops.

The Dell exploding laptop shows why manufacturers hate us using the term "laptop". Modern portables get hot, and you if choke up their ventilation holes, this might happen. If your laptop gets too hot take it off your lap or turn it off and don't leave it resting on towels or doonas that might foul the holes.

The fluid lives project is a collaboration between Isobar and Yahoo! to look at the impact of mobile Internet devices on consumers. It concluded that with broadband and wireless becoming common, we'll all get more intimate with our computers. We're not convinced and we don't expect to see people getting intimate with their computers, if they do we can expect Helen Coonan to put a firm stop to it.

The Federal government have been playing with the idea of Internet filtering for some years. The Protecting Families Online scheme will see free filtering software made available through Internet providers. The full details aren't available as yet, but it's intended to be running by the end of the year.

We'd recommend people be very careful with filtering software. Before installing, it's essential to understand what you are doing otherwise you may find yourself locked out of your system. Thankfully none of this month's callers had locked themselves out of their computers.

Importing Outlook Express

Ivan had bought a new HP Ipaq handheld. These systems synchronise their calendars, contact lists and notebooks with Microsoft Outlook. Ivan currently uses Outlook Express and needs everything moved to Outlook.

Fortunately the procedure for importing Outlook Express data into Outlook is easy. Microsoft have their instructions on their Office website. The good thing with this procedure is that you do not lose any Outlook Express information. We would recommend that updating Outlook to the latest patches be done as quickly as possible.

Lost Outlook email lists

One quirk with Outlook is the way it deals with address lists. While the contacts may appear in Outlook, they may not appear in the to: list when you want to send an email. Graeme called with exactly this problem.

The cause of this is the Outlook Address Book. From either the Outlook tool bar or folder list, right click the contacts folder and select Properties, in the Outlook Address Book tab, tick the show this folder as an outlook address book box and give it an appropriate name. Microsoft have comprehensive instructions on setting up the Outlook Address Book.

Upcoming shows

The next weekend show is scheduled for August 6. We will confirm this, and the topic, closer to the date. If you’d like to be kept informed of the constantly ever-changing Weekend schedule, subscribe to our newsletter.
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