ABC Weekend Show 10 January, 2004

Tips & Hints

Posted 15 January, 2004

Our first weekend computer spot for the year was with John Morrison. We discussed the technologies that work and the ones that don’t seem to be going anywhere. We agreed that Internet enabled fridges probably aren’t going to take the world by storm and answered the following callers question's.

Spam Mail

Sheila has been deluged with Spam. Sadly, there isn’t a lot you can do about it. The most important advice we can give you is to never, ever respond to these people. Our advice on how to avoid it is here.

Upgrading operating systems

Stewart was contemplating upgrading to ME so that some software would work. We recommend strongly against this. Upgrading operating systems is often a heart breaking exercise. If you really, really must use the software or hardware that requires an upgrade, we’d recommend buying a new system.

Pop up advertising

Pop up advertising comes in two ways. Websites you visiting can trigger them and advertising software finding it’s way onto your computer. To reduce the site pop-ups, we’ve posted these hints. We’d also recommend cleaning up any spyware on your computer as well.

The new year’s schedule hasn’t been finalised yet but we expect it will be the same as 2003, 10.00am Sunday mornings. We’ll update the web page when we know more. If you’d like to be kept up with changes, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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