ABC Weekend 3 November, 2002

Tips & Hints

On the 3 November spot we looked at saving your family memories, the Bugbear virus and problems with Telstra's usage meter. Because we started late, we only managed to talk to two callers. These were

CD Burning problems

Paddy found his burned CDs wouldn't work on other people's computers. This is almost certainly because of the program he is using to burn the CDs. Packet burning software such as CD Direct are easy to use but restrict what computers you can read the CD on. If you have to "format" a CD then you are using the wrong software. We covered this problem some time ago.

Scanning Glass Negatives

To read negatives scanners need a special adapter. Not all scanners have these adapters available and the adapter is usually extra. If you have a special need for any computer hardware it is essential to research well before the purchase and make sure you are getting the correct equipment for the job.

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