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Posted 27 February 2002

At the temporary 11.00am timeslot we discussed getting rid of pop-up ads. Pop-ups are quickly becoming a curse of web-browsing but there is software that can help. There are also a few things to watch if you do install a pop-up killer.

Soldering a motherboard

Adrian’s motherboard doesn’t work properly and the suppliers have recommended taking a soldering iron to it. DO NOT DO THIS. Problems like this are common with cheap motherboards, you do get what you pay for with computers. Also, never upgrade to a new operating system unless it is absolutely necessary.

Misbehaving CD-ROM

Anne’s CD wont insert and makes a funny noise. The CD tray is damaged and it isn’t worth repairing. With devices like CD’s you shouldn’t bother with repairs, just replace them. If the system is old, say older three years, be careful about spending too much money on it.

Renegade Mice

Maureen's mouse goes mad on startup. Cleaning the mouse is not a bad idea, if you have an optical mouse, be careful of bright lights and dirty surfaces. It could also be the mouse is broken. Again, just replace it.

Internet Explorer freezing

Victoria's computer screen freezes when she is on the net. We suggested upgrading the web browser and running Windows Update. Graham suggested it could be the video card and upgrading the drivers may help, thanks for the very good suggestion.

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