ABC Weekend Show 7 October 2001

Tips & Hints

Posted 16 October 2001

We had a wide range of problems and issues this week. The killer application for businesses on the Internet, e-mail, turned 30. John Morrison and Paul discussed how to keep yourself off mailing lists and what an out of memory message might mean.

A Flat Battery
Robert had a battery keeps discharging in his PC. The purpose of having a battery in your computer is to keep the settings, date and time while the computer is off. Having a flat battery is a nuisance because your computer will keep losing the date and time. On older computers a flat battery can stop the computer from starting.

The battery in a PC can reasonably be expected to last for three to five years. Robert’s computer is going through batteries every few months. This indicates some sort of power or motherboard problem that may be serious. It is important to get the computer looked at by a technician.

Changing the screen resolution
Nick was finding his Internet banking too wide on the screen. The solution when you find any program won’t fit on the screen is to reconfigure the resolution. Open the Control Panel (click start, settings, control panel,) open the display settings and change the screen size in the settings. If you find the screen is too small you can always change it back.

Unwanted Internet Favorites
Susie was finding that webpages were being saved in her favorites that nobody in her family would admit to saving. She asked if renegade websites could do this without anyone knowing. It is possible, but certainly isn’t widespread, it may be worthwhile asking some hard questions of family members.

Program not found
Amanda was getting a "program not found" message when trying to open a file. This means the file extension is not recognised by the computer. This is a common problem with e-mailed attachments and is our problem of the week for 17 October 2001.

XTree Gold
Ian was looking for a replacement for Xtree Gold. Xtree was a useful file management program back in the days of DOS and the earlier versions of Windows. Xtree was discontinued some years back and is not compatible with later versions of Windows. A number of callers rang in to suggest ZTree, a free replacement to the old Xtree.

Our thanks to all the listeners and callers, particularly to those who followed up with suggestions about Xtree and other issues. We hope you can all tune in next month. 

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