The Bagel returns

Tips & Hints

Posted 30 October 2004

The virus wars have flared again with new versions of the Bagel and the Netski viruses spreading fast and wide.

The Bagel.AT virus

The latest version of the Bagel virus uses the usual tricks to get onto your computer. What is nasty with this virus is the way it attempts to damage anti-virus programs. For a lot of users, this will mean their computers will be rendered useless.

F-Secure have a run down on the virus at their website. The usual cautions about having an up-to-date anti-virus and using caution with attachments applies.

Netski viruses

Virus writers try to fool people into opening their attachments. The various Netski viruses have a number of ways, they can pose as returned emails or they can appear to be updates to popular software such as Windows XP, anti-virus programs or firewalls. Most software companies don't send updates through email, those who require you to ask them to subscribe. If you receive unsolicited updates, do not open them.

The current virus and trojan horse upsurge is serious. It is essential to make sure your computer is as secure as possible. But keep in mind that common sense (and a bit of good luck) is necessary to protect your computer.

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