Return of the blaster worm

Tips & Hints

Posted 27 October 2003

The Blaster Worm ripped through the computer world some months back. The unique thing about blaster was that it didn’t rely on email attachments to spread. The irritating thing was that the weakness in Windows had been known for some months.

Microsoft have warned about a similar weakness in Windows and recommend XP, NT and 2000 users patch their systems. It’s important that all computer users keep their systems patched. You can download the patch through the Windows Update website or from the above Microsoft warning.

The weakness we’re currently worried about is related to the Messenger service. This has caused some trouble for Window XP and 2000 users with spam previously. We recommend disabling this service unless you really need it.

There are basic security measures you can take to protect yourself from worms and security problems like Blaster. A good firewall will also protect you from other problems like spyware and trojan horses. If you are on the net, then you need to take these precautions.

It’s your responsibility to protect yourself from the bad guys on the net. If you get infected with a Blaster type worm, then not only are you exposing your computer’s contents to the world but you are also risking a massive broadband bill and possible disconnection. Keep your system up to date and protected.

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