The Swen Virus

Tips & Hints

Posted 22 September, 2003

Claiming to be a patch from Microsoft, the Swen virus does an imitation good enough to fool a lot of people. Microsoft do not send patches in this manner and anything that claims to be such a patch is almost certainly a virus. We’ve found Swen creates a lot of problems on your computer.

If you have been infected, Symantec have instructions and a tool to repair the damage and remove the virus. The instructions are not simple and if you are not confident following the instructions, we would suggest you get expert help. As the repair involves modifying the system registry you must make a backup before proceeding

Some anti-virus programs will not reinstall properly after such an infection. If this happens, you will have to contact your anti-virus vendor. Some of the anti virus programs are so badly affected by these viruses that they slow the computer right down.

This virus exploits a known bug in Windows. Again this illustrates the importance of keeping your computer up to date with security patches. It also shows why you should not open suspicious attachments, we've listed those dubious attachments previously

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