The Blaster Worm

Tips & Hints

Posted 17 August, 2003

The Blaster Worm is causing a lot of difficulties to Windows XP, 2000 and NT users. To avoid it, you must have the patch from Microsoft installed on your system. If you have run a full Windows Update on your system, or accepted updates from Microsoft in the last month, you should be protected. A firewall and an anti virus program are an important way of avoiding future infections.

A number of viruses are claiming to be fixes for the Blaster virus. You should treat any unsolicited attachment with suspicion. The Welchia Worm is claiming to fix the Blaster problems, it doesn't and a full Windows update will also protect you from this worm.

If you think you have been infected, instructions and a repair tool is available from Symantec. They have a repair tool for Welchia as well.

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