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Were entering a new era where the technology revolution is changing our society and the way we do business.

For over ten years Paul Wallbank has been showing millions of ABC radio listeners, Dummies Guide readers and customers of his support and advisory businesses how to benefit from the changes technology is bringing to society.

Paul founded IT training company Office Magic in the early 1990s, shortly after he realised small businesses and homes needed onsite support and PC Rescue was born. Paul built the business into a national organisation and one of the best known names in IT support. Hes also been involved in four startup enterprises.

In 1998, he started a weekend technology segment on ABC 702 Sydney, he now has three segments including the Tony Delroy Nightlife program which goes to air across Australia on the ABC Local Radio network to over 800,000 listeners.

Paul is available for speaking to business functions, IT organisations and community groups. Topics include;

This is the new stuff
The Internet is changing business. Previously profitable and untouchable industries such as publishing and broadcasting are crashing and more sectors will follow as the net changes business economics. How can your business benefit from the new industrial revolution.

Web 2.0 for free
Want to attract attention to your business on the World Wide Web? Web2.0 is a quick and easy way for you to stand out on the ever crowded Internet. You can setup a web site, a blog, list it with the major search engines and track visitors all for free using programs that take minutes to setup on a business computer.

The future office: What will the office of the future look like?
Web 4 Free; doing business on the web with a shoestring budget.
The elder guru; exploding the myths of the digital divide.
The top ten solutions for getting the most from small business IT
What does it all mean? Cutting through computer jargon.

If youd like to find how your business or community group can get more from their technology contact us for more information.

If you want help understanding the IT industry as a consumer, business or service provider, Paul is your speaker.



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