Setting up a new tech toy

Tips & Hints

Christmas is a great time for presents and computer and other tech equipment are great gifts. But technology being what it is, it doesn't always work as it should. Here's a quick Christmas check list to help avoid letting technology ruin your Christmas

1. Check the box before opening.

Is it compatible with your system? If it says Windows XP or Mac OS 10.2, it might not work with your Vista or 10.3 computer. Similarly if your hard drive or memory doesn't have the capacity required, the whole process might be a struggle.

2. Take your time

Itís Christmas! Chill out and relax, take your time have a mince pie. Donít rush to set things up, just take it easy. Doing things too fast means you make mistakes.

3. Be careful opening the box

Manufacturers make it very difficult to open boxes; this is not entirely an accident. Itís also common with tech stuff to have little components and gizmos which are easily lost in the box. So be careful removing all the packaging and keep it to one side.

4. Read the manual!

Once again, itís time for another mince pie while you read the manual. In there you will find all sorts of useful information. Including how not to mess up your system. Usually, youíll also find a description of the parts in the box, check you havenít left something small but critical in the box.

5. Eliminate the obvious

Sometimes something simple is wrong, it could something as basic as a disk or plug is in the wrong way. Take it easy and relax.

6. Donít panic

If things donít work, relax and have another mince pie. Itís often something simple. Donít do anything drastic, if youíve had a few drinks or itís getting late, leave it for tomorrow morning. 7. Relax If it doesnít work, donít worry. You can return it or call a tech tomorrow.

Remember Christmas is a time for sharing and relaxing. Donít let your computers and technology upset your holiday.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
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