AVG Anti Virus Updates

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17 January 2007

AVG 7.1 will expire in the next month, so it's time to update.

As of February 18, the previous versions of AVG Free will stop working. If you are running them it's time to update. The update can be downloaded from the AVG Free website.

Installing programs like this should be done carefully. While installing the new version over the top of the old one is usually fine, it's best to take care. We'd recommend following our instructions on reinstalling security software.

The new version of AVG is Vista compatible and has improved virus scanning technology. We have had some reports of it slowing down some machines. Generally, we haven't heard of any major problems.

If all this seems to be too hard you should contact a computer technician to assist you. We can do it as part of our standard onsite service. Please contact us if you are in the Sydney area.

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