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From April 12, Windows XP users will have no choice about installing Service Pack two.

7 April 2005

Few updates to software have been as contraversial and important as Windows XP Service Pack Two. The security features make it a must have for all XP users. But it makes some serious changes to the way Windows and Internet Explorer works.

While we recommend Service Pack 2, there are some problems for users of older software and hardware. Because of this, Windows users could choose not to install XP2. From Tuesday Microsoft will force the update onto your system.

It is possible to stop the installation of SP2 by turning off your Automatic Updates, but we don't recommend this. If you are on a Windows 2000 or 2003 office network, your system administrator can stop it. If you have a pirate copy of XP then Service Pack 2 won't install at all.

The biggest danger with Service Pack 2 is for computers infected with spyware. This is why we put together our ten point plan for painless SP2 installation. You should follow this to minimise the risks of installing the service pack.

Service Pack 2 is a welcome and important update to Windows XP. If you use XP you should install it. But like all major updates there are risks. By taking some precautions you can minimise those risks.

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