The growing curse of spyware

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Posted 5 January, 2004

Viruses and phishing are the big news, but we predict Spyware is going to be the next big computing issue

In the last month we’ve seen a massive surge of spyware. The latest breed is particularly nasty. The newest ones not only mess up your surfing, but also try to stop you accessing sites that will remove them.

Spyware is the broad term for software that puts adverts onto your computer, spies on your surfing habits and changes the way your computer accesses the net. It gets onto your computer through unscrupulous websites and file sharing software. This is usually done to put a few more dollars in the website or software developer’s pocket.

Even if you are happy with having someone snooping on your computing habits or pumping advertising onto your computer these badly written, intrusive programs still cause problems. They cause crashes, change the of the web pages and interfere with how your computer accesses the net.

Even the most innocent web surfer can find this rubbish creeping onto their computer. So don’t assume that because you don’t visit disreputable sites or indulge in file sharing that you are immune. You can protect yourself with the details on our Protection Kit web page.

The increasing scourge of spyware is getting out of hand. It is only going to get worse over this year. Take it seriously and protect yourself to avoid a lot of frustration and a big repair bill.

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