Setting up a new computer

Tips & Hints

Posted 22 December 2002

A new computer is a great toy. Lots of boxes to open, plugs and cables to play with, and obscure manuals and disks to add a touch of mystery. Setting them up right is important to getting the most from your system.

  1. Did you get what you paid for?
  2. On opening the box, check everything you paid for is included in the package. Make sure you have all the cables, keyboards, Mice and speakers.

  3. Read the instruction manual
  4. Yes, it’s a horrifying thought but read the manual before starting to set up the computer. Spending ten minutes with the instructions could save hours of frustration

  5. Have you got your software?
  6. Make sure you have your software. Even if everything is already installed on the computer, you will need the software down the track. You must have an operating system disk, not having one will cause problems in the future.

  7. Tell your computer where you live
  8. The wrong country settings can mess up printers, your spell checker and even the time. Go to the Control Panel and make sure the Regional and language settings are set to your time zone and English (Australian) or whatever language or dialect you want to use.

  9. Protect yourself
  10. Before connecting to the net install your anti-virus program. Before setting up your e-mail account, update your anti-virus to the latest settings.Do not start using your e-mail until your anti-virus is fully up-to-date. If your new system doesn’t have an anti-virus program, you can download AVG for free.

  11. Get the patches
  12. Update your system. Go to the Windows Update site and update your system to the latest service packs and critical updates. This can be a very big download, be patient and do it.

  13. Save your documentation

Find a safe, secure place to store all the manuals and software. Do not throw out any manual, registration form, floppy disk or CD. Note any registration numbers and keep any support numbers close to the computer.

Enjoy your new computer and have a great Christmas and New Year.

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