I don't have an Internet password

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When I try to go on the net I’m asked for a password, but in the past I didn’t need a password.

9 February 2001

All Internet accounts have passwords. If you didn’t, then someone could rack up hundreds of hours on your account, read your e-mail and use it to send spam. Having an Internet account without a password is like having an ATM card without a PIN.

When you signed up with your Internet provider, you were given a password along with your username. The first time you entered it you, or the person who set it up, has told the computer to remember your user name and password.

What has probably happened is that the computer has lost the password. This can happen when you cleanup your computer or upgrade your web browser.

You will need to find that password or call your Internet provider. If you do call the provider, make sure you have identification handy. All good Internet providers should ask you questions before handing out or resetting your password. If they don’t, you may want to consider a new Internet provider.

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