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My computer will only start in DOS.

20 June 2001

After the kids have played with the computer it won't start properly. I keep getting the C: prompt and can't go anywhere. Do I have to reinstall Windows?

Some older computer games will only run in MS-DOS mode. To do it, the computer renames all the Windows startup files, resurrects the old fashioned DOS files then starts the computer the old way so the game can run. If the game is shut down properly then the computer undoes everything and restarts normally.

Of course you can't expect the kids to always do things properly, so sometimes the computer finds itself stuck in DOS mode. To fix it is simple: When the computer starts into DOS, just type exit, press enter and the computer will restart in Windows.

Generally it is best to get rid of these older games as they can cause problems and just won't run on the newer versions of Windows (ME, XP and 2000). If your computer is used for a home business or some other important function, do yourself a favour and buy another computer for the kids. Oh, and give them the newer computer otherwise they'll still play their games on your computer.

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