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My computer keeps beeping

28 March 2001

While I am working at my computer it makes a constant beeping noise.

A beeping computer indicates trouble. Apart from the one or two beeps at start up, a PC beeps to warn it has a problem. Usually the problem stops the computer from starting, and it will just sit beeping until a technician finds the component causing the problem.

A computer that starts properly but begins beeping after a few minutes usually has an overheating problem. A failed CPU fan is very serious and random probems such as programs not opening, system crashes and data corruption are normal. If you contiunue running a PC with a overheating CPU it is the same as driving a car with the temperature warning light on. At the very least you will cook the CPU and possibly damage the motherboard and other components.

Whenever you get a warning or noise from your computer that you haven't heard or seen before you should get some advice. Usually problems are not serious, but warnings that are ignored can develop into something that can cause data loss or damage. It is best to get problems like this seen to early rather than letting them grow.

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