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Nightlife 6 February 2009

Our first computer spot with Tony for the year and we looked at using social media to find a job.

With the economic downturn, it's more important than ever to use every tool you can when looking for a job or searching for a suitable employee.

We also covered Facebook turning 5, the new Australian Internet for Dummies and the computer Trojan targeting ANZ Bank customers.

Listeners' questions

As usual, we had a full board of callers questions included asking why satellite Internet is so expensive, hiding tmp files and the curse of fake virus scanners.

Fake anti spyware

One of the big problems facing computer users at the moment are the fake virus and malware detectors popping up on computers. We had questions from Greg, Wally and Bruce about them.

All of these are fake and are designed simply to con people. They rarely, if ever, detect viruses.

If you have been fooled into installing one of these, we'd suggest following our instructions on Removing a Trojan that we've posted on our IT Queries webpage.

Why is satellite so expensive?

Peter asked why his satellite connection was so pricey. The reason is the amount of data that can be pushed through a satellite is tiny compared to what the telephone, cable and mobile data networks can handle.

So it costs more to buy it.

This is why we recommend satellite only when there is no other option available. We discuss those options on our choosing an Internet provider page.

Hiding hidden files and folders

Don keeps finding .tmp folders in his document folder and wondered what they were.

This is a problem we covered many years ago and they are harmless. You can hide them by following our instructions on IT Queries.

ABC podcast

If you'd like to listen to the show, visit the ABC Nightlife website. The shows are kept on the ABC Nightlife webpage for a week after the show.

Upcoming spots

The next Nightlife spot is scheduled for 10pm on March 13 where we'll be looking at the future office. We hope you can join us then.

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