ABC Tower   Nightlife, 6 May 2005

Tips & Hints

There’s a number of different broadband Internet technologies available and on the May 6 spot we attempted to make sense of them. While ADSL is the best option for most users, there are alternatives which may suit some. Our listeners had some questions and comments about broadband and other computer topics.

ADSL distance
One of the limitations of ADSL is that it is currently limited to 4km from the telephone exchange. Michael called to point out that even if you do live further away, then it’s worthwhile trying to see if it will work. One of the problems is that ISPs will check to see if your line qualifies, so you might get no further than the application.

Bush coverage
A number of people called about coverage in the bush. Most exchanges are ADSL enabled and as ADSL-2 is rolled out, coverage will improve. Ron asked about wireless broadband becoming available outside the capital cities, this is unlikely and satellite will be the only wireless access method for the foreseeable future.

Buying a new PC
Michelle asked what she should look for in a new PC. As a minimum, we suggest at least 512Mb of memory and a three year warranty. As Michelle wants to edit photos, we’d also suggest at least a 120Gb hard drive and a 128Mb video card.

Importing Outlook Express
One problem with buying a new computer is getting your email from the old machine. Fortunately, Outlook Express allows you to easily import old mail. Once you’ve located the mail folder (search for inbox.mbx) you select File>Import>Messages and follow the wizard.

Microsoft have a full explanation of importing and backing up Outlook Express data in their knowledge base.

As usual, our apologies to the many callers who couldn’t get through. The next Nightlife computer spot will be June 10. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date with our schedule then subscribe to our newsletter.
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