Moving Offices

Tips & Hints

Moving offices takes planning and allowing plenty of time to do successfully.

Updated 29 September 2004


Shifting offices is a complex task, a successful move involves co-ordinating staff, suppliers and contractors and getting it right first time. Getting it wrong can cripple your business for weeks.

The most important part of moving an office is to allow time for everything. Give plenty of notice and don't wait until the last minute. These tips are intended as a general guide, every business will have their own specific need so make sure you have factored in the requirements of your business and customers.

  1. This is the number one rule and is worth repeating: Plan ahead. Give plenty of notice for everything. Don't leave anything to the last minute.

  2. Have fall back procedures for important business processes. Make sure you have a mobile, an alternative way of accessing your email and receiving faxes.

  3. Make a frim, fixed date for your move. Try to choose a time when business is normally quiet. Do not assume you will be fully up and running the day after the move.

  4. Check the new premises. Make sure network access points, phone connections and power sockets are easily accessible to each computer.

  5. Allow one data, one phone, and four power outlets for each workstation. Allow for at least four data outlets and six power outlets near the server. We recommend the patch panel being located adjacent to the server, or the server being located in the data cupboard/cabinet.

  6. Give plenty of warning to all suppliers and services. Make sure notices, change of addresses etc are all arranged well in advance of the move date.

  7. Telephones. As most businesses use ADSL or dial up access, the phones are essential to your computers. As well as your business. Put in writing exactly when you are moving. Make sure your date is correct.

  8. Internet. Confirm changes to ADSL services with providers at the earliest possible date. If you are changing phone numbers, be aware the ADSL service cannot be provisioned until the new numbers are connected. This may mean up to 10 days delay in getting ADSL installed.

  9. Have an alternative dial up or wireless alternative Internet connection arranged as a contingency.

  10. If you change dates, inform all providers as quickly as possible. Confirm the change of date every day. This is very likely to go wrong.

  11. Label all equipment. Make sure all cables and power cables are packed with the equipment. It is essential these are not packed separately.

  12. The night before your move, make a backup of all data. It’s a good idea to make a second backup of important files onto CD or one of the workstations for quick access.

  13. On the day of the move, divert your main number to a mobile so you can answer calls while the phone system is unavailable.

An office move is always complex and will always cause disruption. By planning and allowing plenty of time to do things you can minimise your disruption. A well thought out relocation need not be too traumatic.
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