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The always on and fast nature of broadband is a big plus for business. But there are traps.

Posted 23 February 2004

A broadband connection changes how you use the Internet. For businesses, this means you can start taking advantage of features that were previously only available to the big end of town. But you need to take care of what you choose.

Usage charges

The big trap for all Internet users are excess fees. You need to understand how much you use and what you will pay for excess usage. With fast Internet connections your usage will increase dramatically.

For business the biggest risk are employees going mad on downloads. It is essential to keep track of what staff are doing on the net. You may want to consider some sort of firewall to block some programs.


In Broadband, you get what you pay for. If the Internet is essential to your business then you need a business grade connection. These can be from double to five times the price of equivalent consumer plans. High grade business providers include Connect and Request.


In a business we can assume you will be networking your connection. It’s a very good idea to get your supplier to provide a router. That way support will be simpler in the event of something going wrong.

IP Address

One of the important benefits of a broadband connection is the ability to provide remote access to your system. This allows staff to login from home or on the road. A fixed IP address is essential to do this.

A fixed IP Address is necessary for a lot of other Internet functions. For businesses, we recommend you get a plan with a fixed IP Address. This can reduce your support costs through remote access and increase the flexibility of your business Internet connection.

Virtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Networking is where you can provide your network connections over the Internet. This allows home users and branch officers to access servers. Not all Internet providers offer this service so if you want it, you’ll need to check.

Broadband brings real benefits to small business. But resist the temptation of getting a cheap consumer plan. If you want reliable service with the features that business needs, you must get a business quality plan. It's an important investment.

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