Choosing Business broadband

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Posted 7 August, 2003

High speed broadband can change the way small business works. With an always on connection, it is far easier to stay in touch and do research. But there can be traps for small business.

Despite the marketing hype about broadband there are real benefits for business when it’s done right. Once a business is on broadband, the Internet becomes a lot easier to use and a lot more accessible. When it’s easier to use you’ll use it more.

Because it is so convenient there are traps. There are a boggling number of plans with different features. The most important difference between plans is the cost.


Cost is a major concern for businesses. The good news is broadband isn’t as expensive as it first appears. A typical dial up connection costs a business or home office around $60 a month. A good broadband connection is not much more.

You really do get what you pay for with broadband. Like a mobile phone plan, the longer the contract you choose, the cheaper the upfront costs. The more features you want, the more expensive the plan.

Many of the factors that businesses need to look for are the same as for home users. However business users have some other factors to consider. Reliability is probably the most important factor.


Once it is an important part of your business you have to be sure it will work. You cannot be stuck waiting for important messages to be delivered. It is important to get a reliable connection.

Internet reliability is another factor of what you are prepared to pay. A business connection may be triple the price of a consumer connection, a premium grade could be four times the price. In return, it will be a lot more reliable with a number of added extras.

Added Extras

Business plans offer many bells and whistles such as fixed IP addresses, virus and spam filtering, multiple mail boxes and enhanced support. These are useful if you need them but you need to be a bit careful that you are getting value for money.

Cheaper plans

Most businesses choose cheaper residential plans. These are adequate but you need to be aware that they will not have the reliability and features that growing businesses may need. The most important thing is to get a plan that meets your need.

If your business needs email or web access then broadband is very useful and not expensive. The key to getting it right is shopping around for the best plan and making sure it meets your needs. Getting it right can actually save money and improve your businesses’ productivity.

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