XP Professional or home for your business?

Tips & Hints

10 June 2002

Most new computer systems come standard with the XP Home version, small businesses should get the Professional edition.

Windows XP comes in two versions: Home and Professional. Microsoft developed the two types to appeal to two different markets. XP Home is for the domestic and very small business users, and XP Professional caters for the needs of most businesses and advanced users.

XP Home has cosmetic advantages and integrates well with scanners and digital cameras. If you are a single or two-person office with basic networking needs then you could get by on XP Home. Most businesses will need XP Professional.

The most important advantage of XP Professional is network support. Home does not support the netbeui protocol, Novell services, Active Directories and Windows NT domains. If you are adding a computer to an older, existing network then it’s likely you’ll have no choice but Professional.

Security is also better with Professional, allowing users to restrict access to, and encrypt, files. These are important features for smaller networks and laptop users. XP professional also allows ten users to connect at once, Home only allows five.

Overall, the features in XP Professional make it the right tool for small businesses. With the network support, advanced recovery options and security it meets many of the basic small business needs. Spend the extra $200 and make sure you get the Professional version for your office.

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