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Alternatives to Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer alternatives

There's been renewed calls not to use Internet Explorer thanks to a bug discovered earlier this month.This "Zero Day Exploit" allows bad guys to design websites that can steal passwords and other user information.

Internet Explorer is the web browser built into Windows. All web browser, and other software, can have security bugs, but because of the way IE is designed, it is particularly prone to these security problems.

To make hings worse Internet Explorer is a fundamental part of Windows so any problem with IE becomes a problem for your entire system. This is why we think it's a good idea to use an alternative to Internet Explorer. Some of the options include.

Mozilla Firefox

The most popular alternative browser is Mozilla Firefox. You can download a free a copy from the Mozilla website.


One of the longest established alternative browsers, Opera tends to be the cutting edge browser, while it's not for everyone it's fast, stable and is also a free download.

Google Chrome

A new alternative is Google's web browser. It's fast but it does do things a bit differently from the others. You can get this free from Google's website.

Apple Safari

If you use a Mac then the Safari browser is included with your system. Windows users can download a free version from Apple.

All of these alternatives are perfectly good for general web browsing. It's best to try each and use the one you find works best for you. Unfortunately you can't completely get rid of Internet Explorer. Not only is it a integral part of Windows, but some web sites won't work properly on anything else, so reserve IE for those sites that require it and use an alternative for the rest of the web.



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